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It takes times to really understand the fascinating history of Austria. You need to visit and immerse yourself in the countryside, towns and cities to be able to fully appreciate their heritage and beauty. Let me accompany you for a few days on a tailor-made itinerary through Austria and perhaps also the neighbouring countries.

You should not miss Austria’s other six provinces: Upper Austria with its capital Linz, heart of the steel industry, the province and city of Salzburg with Mozart, delicious Salzburger Nockerl dessert and the Hohensalzburg fortress. The second largest city in Austria is Graz, with impressive Renaissance architecture – it is the capital of the province of Styria, Austria’s „green heart“ where the famous white Lipizzaner horses of Vienna´s Spanish Riding School are bred.

Further south you find Carinthia with its stunning blue lakes, some of which have drinking water quality. To the west we find the mountainous regions of Tyrol and Vorarlberg. The capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck, enjoys a beautiful location surrounded by mountain peaks and offers fascinating art and architecture, both historical and contemporary. At the furthest western point of Austria awaits Bregenz, famous for its lakeside festivals, and capital of the province of Vorarlberg, known way beyond the Austrian borders for its contemporary timber architecture.



Vienna – Prague – Budapest – the Imperial Triangle

The 3 capital cities within the Habsburg monarchy are referred to as the trinity of Imperial splendour; each city unique and yet closely linked to the others with respect to history, art history and architecture. Discover with me the capitals of what are today three very different countries, and take in the grandeur and influence of the old Habsburg monarchy.