Vienna for beginners

For a first time visitor to Vienna, everything is new, and a good overview is essential- at the end of which you will inevitably come to the conclusion that just one visit is not enough. Classic inclusions on such a tour will be the Ring boulevard with sights like the Opera House, the National Theater, City Hall, Parliament as well as short a walk through the Imperial Palace and a view of St. Stephen´s cathedral.


Vienna for repeat visitors

Those who return to Vienna have a wide range of choices – modern art with Friedensreich Hundertwasser´s buildings, the Danube, Schönbrunn Palace, a gallery or perhaps discovering more about what was only briefly seen before.


The Imperial Capital of the Habsburgs

The Habsburgs ruled over their Empire for 640 years – during which most of the time, their main seat of power was Vienna, and it was here that their power should be represented. Just one tour will not be sufficient to grasp all aspects of the Imperial Palace with all its Collections (Treasury, Imperial Apartments, Silver collection, the Museum of Art History, Natural History Museum amongst others). Add Schönbrunn Palace in the west of Vienna –and actually, we need another day to understand the dimensions of Imperial splendour.


Classic art collections

A complete list of all painting galleries in Vienna is virtually non-existent. You find the big names in classic art at the Museum of Art History and the Academy of Fine Arts. The masterpieces of Art Nouveau are presented at the Austrian Gallery Belvedere and the Leopold Museum – everything else in between these eras can be traced in different Viennese art institutions.


Contemporary Vienna

Vienna is the 7th largest city in the EU – and still growing. The number of residents will increase from 1,8 million to 2 million within the next 10 years (or sooner). Where do these new Viennese come from? Where do they move to? Where and how can the city grow within its limits without losing the enviable ratio of 50% green land?

Lots of questions – not only for our guests. We will try to answer these questions together by looking back at former major city developments and forward to soon-to-be-developed areas.