Vienna Woods

The Vienna Woods, legendary and beloved recreational area for the Viennese, the „lung“ of Vienna, water reserve, biosphere park. We drive through the beautiful landscape and visit historic places – e.g. Heiligenkreuz monastery, Mayerling Karmel or the spa town of Baden near Vienna.

At the gates of the city, over the hills – Klosterneuburg

Its close vicinity to Vienna makes Klosterneuburg almost the 24th district of the capital, and yet the hill in between prevents it becoming part of the big city. Above the town stands the majestic Abbey of Klosterneuburg, the founding legend of which is folklore in every Lower Austrian household.

Our tour also includes a drive over the hills of Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg, so that you can better appreciate of the geographical closeness of Klosterneuburg to Vienna, and yet the significant distance between them.


Austria´s first capital – Melk and the Danube Valley

The small region of “ostarrichi”, from which the name Österreich (Austria) derives, was first documented in 996, and at that time, Melk was the capital. But what is the connection to the magnificent 18th century baroque Benedictine abbey? Let’s find out and enjoy the spectacular, cultivated landscape where wine has been produced for over 2500 years.



Summer vacation, spa resort and Vienna’s local mountain – the Semmering

The Semmering mountain, about 1 hour south of Vienna, presented a formidable challenge to the brave men and women who tried to cross the mountain pass in centuries past. It was not until the 19th century that the mountain became accessible for the Viennese, with the sensational building of the Semmering railway. This astonishing architectural feat is today part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Luxurious villas and hotels which seem to be built into the mountain bear witness to the wealth of the Viennese high society of the time and their new passion for „Sommerfrische“ – which meant leaving the city for 2 – 3 months to enjoy the quiet life in the countryside.


A young capital and ancient monasteries – Lower Austria on an individual basis

Seen everything in Lower Austria? There is still a lot to see and enjoy in Austria’s largest province: a capital which was only appointed in 1986, becoming the seat of the administration in 1996. Cistercian monasteries like Lilienfeld and Zwettl, Benedictine monasteries such as Göttweig and Altenburg. Palaces like Hof and Niederweiden with their impressive baroque gardens. Let’s discover them together!